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tv   [untitled]    May 6, 2014 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> next speaker. >> good afternoon president chiu and supervisors i want to see happy bitter to nicole crosby happy bitter from me and the whole city. you say it's your birthday we're going to have a good time the sun is really going to shine i hope you have everything good to find and hope you have a beautiful birthday. and i hope you really have a beautiful birthday. we can float along the stars and in the city skies and we can fly.
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nicole have a happy time up and away and in your city city birthday. today. up, up and a birthday way nicole >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> members of the board of supervisors ray with open government i want to talk about something our founding fathers it's tax wut representation i am a member in the city i live in supervisor chiu's district his staff would rather pious on me to make it go out.
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if you want to talk to mr. chiu you need to have a check in your hand or lawyers at your back the only option i had woos was to come to the board of supervisors meeting i don't think we'll allow public comment for this next speaker he thinks he can take the constitution of the united states and tear it up at will i would have taken him to the task force you see the two pink items those have been vacant for two years they've dared to fight against supervisor chiu and the members of the board of supervisors. the 32, 3, 4 in he can't tell have been held over 2 years so the task force can continue to run he isn't satisfied to tell you i can't speak but rig the
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game in the city's favor. and if you really want to know who he represents i ask you to think who has a check in twhar hand and votes in their pocket - and lawyers at their side. an interesting statistic i saw 5 hundred and 94 meetings with lobbyists so if you've got a lot of money supervisor's chiu's is your man he didn't represent me now and certainly won't - >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good afternoon, board of supervisors. i'm here to bring voice to echo it's been said accident city of san francisco is splitting citizens on a merry go round
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when seeking help but i beg to differ there are men and women in san francisco that are celebrating mother's day and then when they are with a lady that brings me life do you know where the lady is she sent words to keep you focused she stated on a budget so you can eat not one time has she been to the cemetery that lump on your neck is your head you need to use it. i charge you with abandonment you can't deny the charges she's the outlining proof of the charges. some in our house is two hot and too cold to all the ladies that
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are homeless and in the shelters i know it's rough. you hang in there. if life laughs and death pass there is a tomorrow even if you're a drunk, a drug fend you're a queen and i want to wish i a happy mother's day and i'd like to wish every female on the board of supervisors a happy mother's day. and particularly the lady with the angles voice >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> thank you, mr. president i'm christopher i live on howard i rise to express my gradually for
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the current tuesday manner that happened during my comment too weeks ago on the day it went on in the line while people were waiting to offer their comments. someone wanted to display their sickens things were happened southern california so well, i was o implies to the tape. i want to thank my members of working on the shaky jail situation await public demoralizing w from anyone. and finally, i wanted to thank member wooerng his preoption with the trivial in the face of the 45 vehicular homicides is a
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demonstration of managerial class negligence what is supervisor yee priorities certainly not my inconvenience thank you, mr. president, >> i want to tell you that the comments should be toward the full board of supervisors not any member individually on the board. >> next speaker. >> board of supervisors tom on south beach apartments. why am i here? 6 years ago in front of the planning commission i had kathy republican moore's ear and i said i didn't want
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what was happening in my neck of the woods so the same thing i'll say it now we're building and remodeling new buildings and remodeling old warehouses and we're creating and creating nice across the city into rooftops into other people's homes. this is ventilation for their their hall's 3 hundred and 65 days a year. normal traffic noise becomes a relief. i can explain the ballot measure here's the ballot x the 55 and the 45 means that's the noise level it goes into our home even with our windows closed.
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the 5 and 8 is the new noise that a new model can drop on behalf of the normal ambient noise of our home. i don't think that's necessary. i've go on got one over here ballot measure a all the noise is property owner can make and all of it hundred percent contained on their property they can do what we what they want but keep their noise and garbage to themselves that's what i'm doing here >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon president chiu and board members of the board of supervisors. i'm jeremy and my partner lee is
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on hall street going on 6 years i'm here to ask the board of supervisors to over turn - >> excuse me, sir we'll be having a hearing on that motivator. >> okay. i'll come back. >> next speaker >> , sir? >> thank you very much i wanted to speak briefly again about my dear cousin stefan geremo the oldest of the three children the main provider of the family working full-time and going to school about to graduate from san francisco state in june. i want to speak of stefan geremo gentle and passive and absolutely unknown con
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confrontal he was a hero to his family and friends i want to speak of the family can't imagine living in the same building with the man who shot their brother please help us with a serious investigation and hope for the judicious for stefan thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. . good afternoon 0 dr. espanola jackson bayview hunters point i hope that all of you i wanted to make sure that all of you supervisors will receive the resident management. and read it. and understand what the louses laws are. we're at the time. also maybe some of you are not
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aware but the judge ruled and the date on this letter is july 8th. 2011. concerning the hunters point shipyard the judge ruled it no work should be done there at the shipyard until it was cleaned to residential standards it's not been done. and i was academy this morning it made me tickled i've stated this to you before someone stated i have those apartment buildings if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year you can't live in this apartment. and what cracked me up this morning the fabricate those were ideal to statements that the
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past mayor willie brown made when he was mayor in you don't make $100,000 a year you don't live in san francisco i don't have anywhere to go this is the bayview hunters point newspapers it talks about privatization of public housing it's equal to rad and rad it being suited in other states it's not a city thing i've asked you to do on audit that's not been done about the housing not according to the mayor's office but the entire city >> thank you very much. any other are there any members of the public who wish to speak in general public comment. seeing none, general public comment is closed. . colleagues, we have 53 p.m. special orders i want to take the first special ordered around the homeless outreach services
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and two of the outreach orders we've continue but madam clerk, item 15. item 15 the board has agreed to convene a committee of the whole pursuant to a april 29th to this agenda for a public hearing to consider the reef of funds placed on reserve for 2014-2015 >> thank you president chiu. colleagues, i want to thank you for your support about a month ago we approved 24 supplemental and put it on reserve and thank you to all the members the stakeholder process. not only dph staff from the mayor's office supervisor kim's office and a number of stakeholders and community advocates. over the past few weeks we've
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had 4 stakeholders with the providers as well as the city staff and to come to a general agreement about the homeless outreach team moving forward we're starting to hire additional workers and one of the benefits we had in our falsify before the stakeholder process began was an amount consensus we need to expand our homeless needs across the city. given the common ground we focused on better cooperation between your service providers to serve clients betters on our streets the need to increase the homeless outreach program and to enhance the homeless team to serve is homeless population on our streets and to strengthen
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the team through more sports and latest to provide flexible programs for folks toet off the streets. i do again want to thank all the folks in the stakeholder process it was beneficial and particularly bev martinez and want to turn it over to to the talk about the end results the stakeholder and we have other dp w folks >> i'm the interim director the homeless team along with other individuals here today as dr. barry if you have questions about the team he can answer those and someone from our budget office. >> can you see this. >> sfgovtv, please. >> we can see it now.
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>> you can see it now? so we had 4 meetings that was facilitated by supervisor farrell's office dr. farrell - including those agencies that was a very good conversation and we made some modifications to the proposal that you approved a couple of weeks ago. i'm going to summarize some of the changes not too much daily. in terms of the funds the total amount was kept but we did redistribute those fund instead of adding two things to the program we're redistributing those dollars to a street medication teem we're going to obtain strengthening the
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infrastructure of the homeless outreach team we reduced it by one senior social worker and we also are looking at the make up of the team and the training they'll be having to look at the excess for the lgbt looking for them to provide additional support in addition to being the port hill, if you will, into the team martin luther king a they'll be doing more services on site on the street and we'll be looking at many exists for the points specifically. and more presence of the team in the various neighborhoods so expanding the number of those outreach members. and then looking at the civiltion by these to transfer those to the permanent housing that's appropriate for an individual client. this shows the addressed team not 5 total but 4 total and the
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yellow looks at the new positions. this is the 1 response to street messes we're looking to add a nurse practitioner with a nurse on the team and enhancing the specialities to be part of the health team. in addition, i was talking about in terms of it is san francisco homeless working with the homeowners providers in the neighborhood and looking at having for oversight and the that's the stabilization rooms and having more and more continuity and creating an infrastructure where we have continual conversation with individuals in the homeless programs. as i mentioned the bottom line
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is still the same and happy to answer any questions that you have >> supervisor farrell. >> supervisor kim. >> oh, thank you, ms. martinez thank you for the presentation. i brought up my affirmation around the private buildings we largely fund and rent out 75 percent of all the rooms in those buildings yet several of the building not all the buildings i'm familiar with have immense code violations on file with dbi with bug issues and others i wonder what the process is going forward around the 0 beds to make sure they're working with responsibly property owners their incrediblyer relocating responsible and do nothing to bring their buildings up to code
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and so what will be the process moving forward on the destabilization beds >> well, it will have a destabilization coordinator and in terms of making sure that there is a that the clients in the stabilization rooms and the staff are in compliance with the grievance policy but having the position of looking for the stabilization room will help to facilitate that. >> do you have a rule with contractors that refuse to comply. >> that will be in our housing area urban health division. >> we've made several complaints with dbi and it's
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incredibly frustrating we continue to provide 70 percent of the incomes for the landlords city are taxpayer dollars that are bug ridden and elevators don't work so folks on the street are refusing services and on top of that we're rewarding bad behavior and providing profits through taxpayer dollars to landlords that are not taking care of the tenants so i want to say a tougher law their abated and procured. >> okay. i'll get back to you. supervisor tang >> my question is that given the reconfiguration even though a lot of the total line is the
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same can you talk about the annual listed cost. >> the annual listed cost of the new allocation. >> overall i know that i said the dollar amount of the supplemental is still the same by given the reconfiguration. >> so if annual listed the $6.3 million. >> any other questions? okay. thank you very much. you're welcome >> supervisor farrell. >> again, thank you for the decision discussion a number of years ago thank you to all the service providers especially bev and awe magnitude from hope we having had adjustments and it was responsive to this is a step in engaging with our homeless in
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the city to help them get off the street. >> okay. let me see if there's any members of the public who wish to speak. >> ray with san francisco open government einstein said doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different outcomes now we're going to shove anyone for the homeless problem any cultivation of the homeless program we've got x number of people off the streets and you get i can't answer that but the public who is participating in the hearings want to get the answers to the same questions i don't why you get answers to the
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questions but the citizens are denied the same answers you have the mayor's office who is doing everybody to criminal lists is homes people are hired to push people along go over there where we don't see you where the tourists don't see you. people going off into the street the homeless problem is getting worse and worse but we see nothing to keep people from becoming homeless only after they're out of their home that anybody shows interest i call the programs that the city calls available there's nothing but call us back when you're in the street and we'll help you and the mayor is trying to keep the homeless out of the library you don't need to do the
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outreach go to the burger king and you'll see tons of them the commission is trying to criminal lists to keep them out of the restrooms or a place to stay >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> yes. passport war field i'm not involved with a this directly you i can say certainly at least one outreach person a has presuming bely been at library but i want a lot more visibility for the program for the public. at the library it homeless outreach program has been along with the social worker pretty much inevitable there's nothing about the posting of the
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availability or persons to help the public no reports that i'm aware of that come to the library commission with respect to the services that are provided. when i go to my local branch liberal there's lee at least in the basement a whole range of materials to people who are homeless like where you can get lunches and food bags and where can you get a shower or a bath etc. at the main library which is generally conceded to be the primary place where the most homeless people are there's absolutely nothing posted along those lines. i particularly asked the security staff whether i was simplifying somehow missing in this main library there isn't the level of information for the
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homeless folks that's available at the branch they said no, it's not posted. i want to not so much to have the technical reports about the staffing and structure but some little portion that will make what was available visible to everybody including those who are not homeless but may be in contact or voices advise the homeless as well >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> dr. espanola jackson again. you know this is nothing new. it's been going on over the last 15 years homelessness for the people in san francisco. i've stated it has been made by design. we're moving poor people out of san francisco let's be real about this.
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you know you ail sit here and have commissioners, you have other board members come before you and rubber stamp everything that comes through instead of asking questions you have the community come and try to give you the facts i give you facts and what occurs? nothing. nothing occur. you have and it was mentioned you have all those departments here at the mayor's office. where did those funds come from and where it is going what was it set up to do it was to help the same people that you're talking about today has that done that no they find money at the end of the year you didn't find nothing you transfer money from one side to another side
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and use the money inappropriately you're going to talk and nothing being done >> that i is there any additional public comment with that supervisor farrell any final comments. >> thank you for putting this through a month ago and the last comment to the dph staff look forward to seeing in make an impact on the city. >> supervisor tang. >> before we take a vote i want to thank the dbi staff for responding to needs as well as the office just to be consistent with my vote initially unfortunately, i won't be able to support this today. we have a sensitive